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Clean Beauty for Sensitive Skin

Clean Beauty for Sensitive Skin

Omiana is your brand for clean and healthy beauty.

Whether you have skin sensitivities and need to avoid specific ingredients, or you choose to eliminate toxins in your makeup that can be absorbed through your skin, we are positive we have a natural choice for you.

Toxin-Free makeup and skincare is a key part of living healthy. Our skin acts as a protective barrier, but it is a permeable barrier. It's our job to help protect our protective organs! 

Alas, even within a brand you've grown to trust, you have to choose the best formulas with the best ingredients for your skin within the brandNot every product can be for everybody. If you are certain of what you need to avoid, wonderful: Omiana's mission is omission, and we are positive we have a natural choice for you. Visit and use the categories or filters to narrow ingredients we sometimes use (please read here to learn about ingredients we always avoid for you, although the list goes on and on!). Many come to Omiana after nearly giving up on makeup altogether due to so many reactions but then find all-natural, non-toxic-rated formulas within Omiana. We trust this will be the case for you!