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Cruelty Free Eye Makeup - A Clean Mascara That's Vegan, Titanium Dioxide- Free & Mica-Free

Cruelty Free Eye Makeup - A Clean Mascara That's Vegan, Titanium Dioxide- Free & Mica-Free

When people ask us why Omiana's cruelty free mascara, 'Black Lengthening Vegan Mascara', is so popular, our simple answer is that our clean mascara is brilliant at holding a curl and lengthening lashes - and we deliver clean ingredient performance without nasty chemicals, fillers, dyes, parabens, and even titanium dioxide and mica. Omiana has your beautiful lashes covered, no matter how sensitive - you've found your mica-free, titanium dioxide-free clean mascara for sensitive skin.

Many people often come to Omiana for natural and organic makeup and skincare products their sensitive skin can tolerate after nearly giving up on makeup. Here at Omiana, our mission is omission - meaning Omiana omits harmful additives or ingredients typically found in most makeup. The company's name is a blend of "Omission" and the woman's name "Ana" which means grace. Omi(mission)ana graceful omits harsh ingredients consumers are looking to avoid. Our full line of makeup and skincare products offers a variety of ingredient options, so you can choose the best product for you skin and needs. For example, if makeup without mica is preferred, Omiana has options available for you. We also offer makeup without titanium dioxide, although because some do want titanium dioxide for SPF and coverage, other options are available that do contain titanium dioxide. Every formula cannot be for everyone, as much subjectivity and varying preferences come into play. We are proud to offer an array of formulas with the ingredients fully disclosed so that you can select products based on their individual ingredient requirements.

 The idea for creating the Black Lengthening Vegan Mascara was simple - provide a high-performance clean mascara for sensitive eyes without mica and titanium dioxide as well as typical no-go ingredients such as parabens, talc, GMOs, animal-tested ingredients, and more. Our Black Lengthening Vegan Mascara is receiving positive customer ratings and feedback. This goes to show that it is possible to have a vegan mascara that is brilliant at holding a curl and lengthening lashes without nasty chemicals, fillers, dyes, parabens, and more. We did something different compared to other businesses in the Cruelty Free Eye Makeup space, by providing a cruelty free mascara for sensitive skin that conditions the lashes with a vitamin B complex while making them smoother and more manageable. The end result is a clean mascara specifically formulated for sensitive skin that gives the right amount of volume and curl power.

Omiana's Black Lengthening Vegan Mascara was formulated in response to a growing need for a clean mascara that does not contain beeswax, mica or titanium dioxide as well as other ingredients - ingredients that are common irritants for people with sensitive skin. Omiana was launched as a small, family-owned natural makeup brand specifically for people with sensitivities or allergies to very specific ingredients. Since then, what we found is that not only people with sensitive skin were benefiting from Omiana’s products and philosophy, but also customers looking to care for their bodies and health in all aspects.

We're all about our customers. Mich Klammer, Omiana's Managing Director, puts it this way: "We like to do things to connect with our consumers and customers. We do things like make occasional courtesy calls to see what more we can do for our customers, publish regular monthly emails that include exclusive promotions, offers, and tips, engaging with the larger community through social media activities, and releasing these little factoids even after Black Lengthening Vegan Mascara hits the market are what make all the difference."

Even though our Black Lengthening Vegan Mascara has been live for six years, it's still considered new by customers just dicovering clean mascara options. To find out more, visit our website for ingredient information, tips, and other resource information at

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