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Titanium Dioxide-Free Makeup (CI 77891-Free): Pros, Cons & More Info

Titanium Dioxide-Free Makeup

What exactly is titanium dioxide, and why is it used in cosmetics?

Titanium dioxide (CI 77891) lends pigment in paints, cosmetics, sunscreens, toothpaste, pharmaceuticals, paper, and food. Although titanium dioxide is a natural ingredient, titanium dioxide risks being tainted with potentially harmful contaminants such as lead and iron. Therefore, in this ingredient's case, it is good news that it is purified via laboratory processes for cosmetics and sunscreens. Some people, however, report being sensitive or allergic to titanium dioxide.

Titanium Dioxide-Free Makeup vs. Titanium Dioxide in Cosmetics.

Titanium dioxide has a slew of benefits when used in makeup, but depending on particle size, it can have has some question marks associated with it, too.

Pros and Cons: 

More on nanoparticles and particle size as it relates to titanium dioxide.

Titanium dioxide is typically micronized—made into tiny particle size—and coated. The refining of this ingredient's size makes it easier to glide on and cover skin. However, much research has surfaced over the years about concern over nanoparticles and even micronized particles—those itty bitty particle sizes that we commonly find in makeup. Perhaps one of the most frightening things about nanoparticles is the cumulative effect of being exposed to them. Like any bad habit or ingredient, the over-time buildup increases one's exposure to the risks associated with nanos.

Does Omiana use nanoparticles or micronized ingredients?

No. All minerals and pigments Omiana uses are cosmetic-grade particle size or even high-micron.

Isn't Titanium dioxide-free makeup one of Omiana's specialties? 

Our customers often come to us with very specific ingredient requirements because we omit harsh and toxic ingredients popular to other mineral makeup lines. We offer a variety of ingredient options with various makeup ingredients taken out, so you can choose the best product for your skin and needs. For example, if you prefer makeup without mica, we have it. We also have makeup without titanium dioxide, although we understand some do want titanium dioxide for SPF and coverage. Needing zinc oxide-free? That's even an omission option at Omiana. Many of our customers are sensitive to soy and wheat, common sources of naturally derived vitamin E; for this reason, while we use naturally derived vitamin E in plenty of products, we do also use tocopheryl acetate.

Every formula cannot be for everyone, as much subjectivity and varying preferences come into play. We aim to offer the purest array of formulas for the most sensitive skin and ingredient-discerning people.

Using the sidebar filter to narrow down collections so they contain the ingredients you prefer is a simple way to shop on Omiana. Also, we fully disclose all ingredients on each product page and the ingredients page. 

You've preference, Omiana has you safely covered.

Omiana fans often prefer to avoid ingredients with any concern, but every component, even the most popular or preferred or supposed-safe, comes with pros and cons.

We have both options for you!

What is your take on titanium dioxide?

Do you prefer non-nanosized titanium dioxide makeup for its SPF, coverage, and consistency effects, or do you prefer makeup without titanium dioxide?

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