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Without Phenoxyethanol

Are you sensitive to this preservative? If and when Omiana uses phenoxyethanol, it is because the benefit of using a moderately rated preservative outweighs the risk of a formula not remaining stable:

Yes, it can be possible to utilize select herbs and synergistic ingredients to preserve a formula, and we offer such varieties, though a good portion of the time we notice our savvy customers are actually sensitive to select herbs (e.g., some are sensitive to lavender, thyme, oregano, and so forth) about half our supporters embrace herbal preservation when possible, and about half actually prefer phenoxyethanol or a similar preservative to do just that: preserve a formula's integrity and enhance the likeliness of keeping at bay contamination risk and microbial growth. If you need to avoid phenoxyethanol due to a true sensitivity or other concern surrounding the ingredient, please shop among the below: