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Iron Oxide-Free

Iron oxides as colorants in makeup (makeup otherwise would not be capable of exuding color) are put through stringent processes to purify them. We believe that iron oxides, when as pure as they can get, are the safest FDA-approved colorant.

Omiana's iron oxides are made in a lab for safety assurance because iron oxides found in nature often contain impurities and can be contaminated with heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and nickel. This is an example of natural not always being safer. The lab-produced variety is the way to go in the case of the safest colorant option for cosmetics. Omiana sources those of which are not nanoparticle or even micronized in size. Most suppliers of iron oxides provide them in micronized and nanoparticle size, which is another beast in of itself.

It is our research-driven belief that lab-created and -tested non-nanoparticle iron oxides are the best way to color makeup. We do not add carmine or color-aiding ingredients that may seem 'natural' but risk introducing bacterial contamination. Still, if you wish to avoid iron oxides, Omiana will continue to add products to this section for you. Join the newsletter for updates on such products!

Please note that lab testing does not refer to animal testing: We never test on animals--not our basic ingredients, not our finished formulas. As you surely are, we're obsessed with life's gift of furry friends : )