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Here’s what people are saying about Epic Mineral Beauty / Omiana:

“I am a very, very happy, satisfied customer. Your minerals are by far the BEST I have ever tried, and I have tried them all. . . .” –M.M., OH


"Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my new liquid foundation- and new color of powder foundation. I also LOVE the samples of blush and foundation/bronzer you included. I was a little nervous about the liquid foundation but it's awesome. It's the perfect color and definitely gives the right amount of coverage if I just use one layer and blend appropriately- yet it's perfect too with a second layer for more intense coverage. Thanks for choosing such great colors for me and for making such wonderful products!" --T.B., KS


“I love, love, love your line. Thank you for the extra samples, the nice note, and for shipping it all the way to Canada. I have been looking for toxic-free makeup for a long time. I picked the right one from going by the descriptions/tags. I like the sheer/medium coverage as I’m not too fond of looking too made-up. I like the “fresh look”. I’m looking forward to perhaps a lipgloss/lipstick line down the road.” –S.C.


“I haven’t been having breakouts . . . Altogether, it’s working! . . . Let’s just say that it’s a huge change. No matter what my skincare, and no matter what makeup I ever used, I still got some pimples. Now I can get ready so much faster because there isn’t anything to cover.” –S.W., SC


“I am in love with the Epic Mineral products. My skin feels happier and clearer after using your products instead of the [popular brand with bismuth oxychloride and titanium dioxide and mica] I was using before. It is also nice not feeling like I need to hold my breath when I’m applying my makeup in the morning (That was my way of trying not to inhale the [other brand's] minerals when applying it every morning).” –A.W., OH


“My skin stopped itching when I switched to Epic Mineral Beauty. It’s amazing. I was experiencing so much irritation with my previous makeup that I thought I had to quit wearing makeup altogether soon. So glad I found you guys!!” –J.T., FL


“I’m hooked. Never buying any other mineral makeup. This line knows their stuff, and I appreciate that everything’s cruelty-free.” –G.O., AL


“I really love your mineral foundation; it doesn’t feel like I’m even wearing makeup, looks very natural, and the best part is I know it doesn’t have all the crud in it that other makeups do. Hope you continue to offer these great products for a long time to come.” –K.S., FL


“I’m all about vegan products and small American businesses. The customer service is unmatched.” –S.P., LA


“I’d had these little bumps from what I bought at Sephora. The sales lady had said she used it and she looked great, but not the case with me! Epic Minerals, however, helped my skin go back and get even better. It’s no bit cakey and doesn’t change color like some of the stuff that used to make me look ashy by the end of the day. I love Epic!” –M.A., TX


“So happy with my samples!!!! Can’t wait to buy the full sizes. Thing is, I’m going to have to buy them all!” –P.C., IL


“As someone who has been dealing with makeup brands for 7 years now, I will say this brand has some of the BEST color payoff I have seen from mineral shadows!” –K.E., MO


“EPIC. Seriously epic. Doesn’t clog pores, aggravate acne (if anything, it seems to help it), smell weird, or look fake. Great for my dry skin. I’ve tried every foundation out there, it seems, and I’m so so so happy to have finally found my brand. Also I’d never worn a mineral veil but they sent a sample and I’m glad because it really does offer that “flawless” finish. Now I’m wishing they get mascara, eyeliner pencils, and pressed foundation soon . . .” –C.I., SC


“This makeup is the BEST.” –K.S., KS


“I thoroughly liked the foundation. The foundation actually made my skin feel really rich. It wasn’t oily but had good moisture through the day.” –C.B., MO


“I really liked the mineral foundation. It actually helped my acne, and did not irritate it in the least bit. Awesome! :D I also liked the blush. Daring and Independent are my favorites! I used Trendy as an eye shadow and it looked very pretty. :) Can’t wait to give your eye shadows a shot. :)” N.M., CO


“Recently purchased your liquid make up and LOVE IT!!! I don’t think that I will ever use anything else again!!!” D.M., PA